Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Up Date!!!!

We had our Dr.s appointment today and he said that nothing has changed since our  last visit so continue your bed rest .  That was good news for me. Yahoooooo... I'm a little bored of the bed rest.  The nice sisters from my ward are taking good care of Joshua and me.. Thank you ward sisters . The Dr. said the baby weights around 4 and half pounds and we got to hear his heart beat today for like 10 minutes it sounded strong. Are first goal was to make it to 34 weeks which were almost there on Friday. Now are second goal is to make 36 weeks. So please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Family Pictures!!!

At Joshua's birthday we got some good pictures of my family. That's pretty rare to get good family Pictures.
Joshua with Grandpa Zeman
Here are the Zeman Girls. 
The original Zeman girls start on the top row with Joyce Baker, Karen DeHemmer, Donna Brand and Carolyn Zeman ( aka) Mom. On the bottom row are the new Zeman girls Katrina Zeman, Angela Zeman and Lisa Zeman

Me and My Sisters

More Pictures Of Joshua's Birthday Party!!!

Here's Joshua opening presents. This was fun for about 10 minutes. Playing with his friends and toys was way more fun then opening all his presents. Joshua says thanks for my gifts everyone.

Here is Joshua sharing the ball with Bailey his friend from the NICU.
Joshua tasting his cupcake before we were done singing to him.
Singing time with family and friends.
Grandma Candy came by before the party to bring Joshua a present. He really loves this gift. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Brand.

Joshua's 2nd Birthday Party!!!!

Here is Joshua with his cousin Ally & Lowell
Here is Joshua's cousin Hannah & Uncle Chris and Joshua's friend Kenedee who shares the same birthday as Joshua. Bubble Time!
Here is Joshua with his cousins and friends eating at the picnic table that Grandma Nan and Grandpa Tom help buy for him thanks Gma & Gpa McGrath
Joshua having fun at his Party!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on Baby Boy #2

Well we went to the Dr. on Tuesday for a check up and the Dr. put me on bed rest with a two year old . What now!!! I start 33 weeks Friday and our goal is to make it to 34 weeks for the baby's lungs. We still want to make it to May, but we will take 34 weeks if that's the baby's choice . Please keep us in your prayers and we will keep you posted. We go back to the Dr. next Tuesday..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Udate On Baby Boy #2

Baby #2 Boy!! So here I am at 32 weeks and down to every two week visits with the dr. I never thought I would make it this far. What a belly I'm getting. The baby still sits very low all the time. Last week I had to get steroid shots for the baby's lungs just in case the he decides to come early but so far the dr. says everything looks good and this should still be my

Therapy Day For Joshua!!

Here is Joshua having therapy. How much fun is he having. Joshua sees an OT therapist and a speech therapist every Thursday.

The trampolin is Joshua's favorite now because when all the boys are jumping he gets bounced around and he just smiles and laughs.

Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua !!!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua
Look at my Big Boy. Who would have ever thought he would make it to be two years old today and turn into a little stinker at the same time.
Here is a look back at Joshua's first birthday which we thought was a miracle and blessing that he reached this mile stone in his life and ours. Look how chubby he was.
Here is Joshua Jeffrey Brand about an hour after he was born March 19th ,2007 @ 1:29 at 25 weeks weighing in at 1lb. 8 oz. This is our little peanut that had so much strength from family and friends to make it into this world so happy and healthy. We are so greatful to everyone who helped support us and kept us in your prayers.

We love you Joshua with all our heart Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Love mommy & Daddy

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's New With Joshua Brand !

I just wanted to catch everyone up on Joshua . He Is about to turn 2 years old on March 19th. I never thought that day would come after how he started his life here on earth. Joshua loves to say the word NOOOOOOO to everything even when he wants something. It's cute because it's just not no it is always NOOOOOOOOOOO. He says a handful of words these days. Apple , No. Mommy,Car, Sissy, Cheese, Strawberry, bye, up,down, more, plane, bubbles, all done and daddy some times. He usually calls him mommy. Joshua love to eat just about anything. These are some of his favorites right now. Cheese and apples and pickles and salt & vinegar chips crazy kid. He is climbing anything and everything he can .He is all boy.

My Little Tom Cruise...

My Little Tom (Joshua) Cruise!

Sunday afternoon we were having a diaper change and Joshua had to throw the diaper away and I saw the cutest tom cruise moves from his movie Risky Business . He was so cute so here are some pictures of his moves.

February Fun Times!!!!

Well here I am at 26 weeks just one week past having Joshua. Now I am 29 weeks and big if you ask me who never got to be this size ever with Joshua. This little guy is just moving like crazy that is a big difference from Joshua who had little room to move ,so I'm guessing i will be having another climber on my hand like his big brother.Mommy & Joshua Keline & Jake Kempton and JoshuaJake Kempton & Joshua Brand done decorating there Valentine's Day Cookies. The sprinkles were the big hit on the cookies on the floor all over the table. Good times.What a fun idea I had for to two year olds to decorate cookies. I think Joshua can do anything because hes a big boy. I'm just crazy some times!!!!

Fun Times In January !!

First cousin sleep over in January. Hannah and Joshy got to have 2 days of nothing but fun .I think Joshy had more fun picking on Hannah with his famous hug take down move he has.

This is Joshua being band from his room now that he can climb his changing table and book shelve. We are working on taking everything out so he can play in his room.

This was dinner with his buddy Adam from the NICU. Joshua thought he was a jumping on toy. Adam may never come back to play again (j/k ). Joshua and Adam are one day apart and will be 2 in march . That is so hard to believe. Our little Miracles.

Catch Up Time !!

Sorry Family and Friends it's been a while our computer has been acting up.. So if this works it will be a miracle.. Life has been very crazy and busy . I'm going to post some pictures of Joshua so you can see how big her is getting..