Thursday, January 30, 2014

iphone pix!

More Pix!
Saturday morning building forts!

 Joshua getting ready for bed!
 Luke concentrating!
 Hanging out having some ice cream!
 Let's see how tall I am!
 Chuck E Cheese Time!

 Nic trying out his new bed!
 Nic with his BFF!

 Turtle Power!
 Mommy's Birthday Dinner!
 Mommy's Birthday Breakfast!

 Mommy's birthday card from J.J.!

 Crazy Hair!

 Cup Cake Face!
 New Cousin!

 Joshua made this in class it's hanging on the window of his class room.
 It says this year i will help my dad more.
 My cutie pie. 
He's almost Two can't you believe it!
 BFF again. 
Nic loves abby all day every day he asks to see abby on my phone.