Monday, June 25, 2012

Blessing Day :)

Nicholas Benjamin Brand
Yesterday was such a beautiful day. NIcholas Was blessed by Jeff who gave an amazing blessing to Nicholas, all our family was there to be part of it and that was so awesome. I just love when you can be all together to share such special moments in life.
blessing outfit
of course we couldn't get a good family photo
Grandma and Grandpa Zeman
Most everyone who was there
Grandpa Brand
(we missed you Grandma Brand)
Cute baby
I love this cute bottom

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Luke :)

Luke needed a hair cut badly with everything going on with baby Nicholas.
 Luke's hair got  a little neglected so Daddy was going to Esperanza for a hair cut and Luke want her to cut his hair too.


Luke is so cute!

Mother's Day 2012

Joshua had a mother's day performance at the park with his preschool it was so cute. 
Joshua painted a pot and planted flowers and a card. 
They served chocolate covered strawberries and punch.

More picture's of Nicholas
Hospital adventure
 Here is Nicholas's ride to Northridge Hospital and his ear protectors!

 This is how he looked for about four days they kept him sedated most of the time so he could fight the virus and he wouldn't pull anything out. Nicholas got a blood transfusion to help him get better. He got an one oz of blood to help him. It made a world of difference. His hands and feet were cold so they kept his socks on and hat