Monday, June 7, 2010

Sick Again!!

Last week Luke had a high fever and would not nurse for like two days then on day three these tiny little red dots started to show up in the diaper area and also on his feet. Buy day three then Joshua stared to have a fever so I called the Dr. and got an appointment for both boys the next day and found out that they have this hand, foot, mouth virus. It should  be a one time only virus for kids under the age of  three. Lucky me.. I found out at the Dr.s that both boys had sores in there mouth and that's why then didn't want to eat or drink. When I found that out we lived on Popsicles,pudding, Yogurt and lot's and lot's of crying.

Bed Time!!!

 Jeff is trying to help the boys brush there teeth, but both boys want to do it themselves. 
That has been Joshua favorite thing to say lately. I DO IT MYSELF.

Hopefully Joshua will keep up the good brushing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dirt, Dirt and More Dirt!!

Who knew boys could love dirt so much.
 Joshua and Luke are playing with there friends Jake and Kenna outside. Every time we go to play with our friends this is the favorite spot to play. They love the shovels, buckets & dirt. They mostly wear it and eat it.

Luke is always trying to climb into things!

I did it!