Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011!! Thanksgiving Day 2011!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Our happy family on Thanksgiving Day.
I took lots of pictures and now I'm sharing a ton of them with you..
Here we have outside playing with cousins and Uncle Jeff.
He really is a fun Uncle. Who needs football when you have roping.
Joshua, Lowell, Luca and Uncle Jeff
Joshua swinging!
Uncle Jeff roping the kids!
Hannah and Luca!
Uncle Chris and Hannah!
Dustyn and Logan in time out!
Joshua and Lowell!
Little Madeline!
First Thanksgiving!
The Big Cousins!
Jordyn, Jack, Dlyan!
My Mom making her awesome gravy!
Aunt Karen working very hard on the mash potatoes!
Aunt Joyce carving the turkey. She looks a little scared!
Uncle David and Aunt Joyce. She's not scared of the turkey!
Aunt Joyce, Aunt Karen , Aunt Katrina taking a little break from food for a picture.

Uncle Mike couldn't wait for his turkey!

This year we tried to get a picture of every family including siblings. You know how those pictures work out so here is our silly family that we love and have so much fun with.

Sibling pictures!
Top row: Mike,Chris David
Bottom row: Joyce, Karen, Donna

Chris and Lisa and Hannah
Logan, Jordyn,Julia,Katrina,Mike,Belle and Lowell
Tiffany,Dylan,Dustyn, Allison,Rich,Karen
Jack,Emma,Angela,David,Madeline,Timmy,Sam Spencer
Our friends joined us this year and this is there beautiful family.
We had another amazing Thanksgiving with our family and it was very special this year because my mom and sister Joyce and cousin Cassidy were able to come celebrate with us. Thanks to Karen for all her hard work a yummy food she makes every year.