Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day at Aunt Karen's House!

We went to Aunt Karen house to be together as a family and more presents. We do a cousin exchange of presents. This is very funny because every little kid wants a present,but you have to wait till you find one with there name. Here are pictures of some of the cousins.
Isabelle and Emma with there princess from J.J & Luke!
Joshua and Hannah!
Emma, Lowell,Dustyn!
Uncle David and Sam!
Lowell and Emma!
My Pretty Emma!
Tiffany and Julia!
Dylan and Jordyn!
All lined up and ready for presents!
So Cute!
Jumping on Uncle David for fun!
Cute little Family!
Hannah and Joshua!
Luke riding Isabelle pretend horse. 
Luke's feet still don't touch the ground!

We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family, lots of laughter and good food so thank you to all. we love you..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010!!

More toys!
Joshua The Iron Man!

Joshy opening a present!
Luke opening Presents!

Stocking time!

Iron Man was a big hit!
 They loved Iron Man so much it took us forever to open more presents. Who needs more presents when you have Iron Man!
Luke finale found his presents for Santa. Luke woke up at 6:30 a.m. and didn't find his presents for like an hour it was so funny!
Luke having some of Santa's milk!
Letter to Santa and his milk and cookies!


Christmas Eve 2010!

Opening presents!

Look enjoying his chocolate covered pretzel!
Joshua helping Kaycee open her present!

Christmas Lights at the Temple! 2010

We took the boys to the Los Angeles Temple to see the new visitor center and the lights it was very very fun ,but tiring at the same time. My boys have way to much energy .We were all over the place and trying everything they had you can touch .When we went out side they were off and running .

Here is our family picture that you can't see the boys in, but you can see all of mommy!
I will have to thank that nice man who afford to take our picture. 
Joshua was so funny everything was exciting to him. He climbed on this rock and threw his arms up and yelled yeah I did it.  
Totally cute in person.

Outside the visitor center.
 It's so beautiful and kid friendly now if you haven't seen it yet you need to go. Lots , lots of room now.
Inside coloring at the kids table they have.
We watched a movie here, you could say J.J. made himself very comfortable.

They just have lots of things to touch with is perfect for my boys.
My boys at Jesus feet!
The boys were kinda scared of the big statue at first, but over it in no time!
I just love this picture of the boys walking into the visitor center holding hands!

This was such a fun family activity we did this Christmas I think.