Sunday, August 25, 2013

Long Time Coming!!

If you haven't heard yet we have moved!!!:)

Believe it or not into a house with three bed rooms and a nice back yard and a big climbing tree in the front yard.
Oh Happy Days!!
We now live very close to Joshua's school so we walk to school every day witch is a adventure everyday.

We love our new house and the extra space.

 Living and dining room

 The boys love the climbing tree and nic likes to 
stand in the windows.

 Our wonderful Neighbor Farmer Frank which my kids yell hello to every day. Frank has this beautiful garden and he is very kind to share with us. 
He gave us these carrots which my children ate up quickly he has also giving us yummy string beans and tomatoes.

We now have room for visitors so come check out our new home..

Friday, August 9, 2013

iphone pic's

Let's Play Catch up!
Nic loved driving  the car at the grocery store!
 In N Out for mom and a chocolate shake for Luke. 
How cute is that face!
 I think this is one of my favorite picture of Joshua. 
Joshua said hey mom I look like Daddy.
 I started to laugh and sure enough he did.
 This is our new climbing tree in our front yard.
 Our Cassidy Ann Baker at the Missionary Training Meeting in Utah Broad cast on the computer.
If you know Cassidy you will see her. She's about the third row back on the right in pink shirt and brown hair next to the girl in blue.
 Nic loves to sleep in weird spots on the couch.
 Nic is just like his BIG BROTHERS!

 Joshua got stung by a BEE at the pool this Summer. I've never seen an ear swell up so bad.

 Nic showing of again.
 This looks bad,but it was super funny to me that they were sleeping from oldest to youngest.
This was Fourth of July morning.
 water fun on the 4th

 Grandma Zeman made Nic this cute oneies.
 Nic fell asleep while eating.
 The boys at Chuck E Cheese down in San Diego.

 Nic with his very own gun now. 
He loves playing guns with his brothers.
 Pioneer Day with Madeline and Nic.
 Auntie Joyce visit this summer.
 Here we are at In N Out.

 Here we have to say good bye to Auntie Joyce.


Mom and Dad
Here is the first day of there life together 50 years ago.
What a beautiful couple.
Here's that beautiful couple today celebrating 50 years together with family and friends.

I love this picture of my parents leaving there wedding reception.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!