Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luke is 11 Months Old!

Luke is weighing in at 16 1/2 pounds. Luke is walking all over and climbing and trying to do everything his big brother is doing . Luke is just so cute and happy most of the time when J.J. not picking on him. 
It's hard to believe that my baby is almost 1 years old. Luke is just to little to be a year old already. He looks about 9 months old. I think he weighs about the same as Joshua did at this age.

Luke is hiding out behind the door from J.J. playing with he's ball. Luke loves to sit in the corner behind the hall door. 

Love that face!! 


Happy 11 Months Old Luke!

So Tired!

Luke refused to nap today, so as I was getting dinner ready and trying to feed Luke his dinner and save him from his big brother Luke fell asleep. 

He's just so cute!  

Just Like My Big Brother!

Climbing More!

Luke is starting to get more adventurous in his daily life. He is reminding me so much of Joshua at this age. I guess I know whats coming next thanks to Joshua. Luke is climbing on and in things all the time . He thinks he's hot stuff now!

Luke sat in this play picnic basket for 30 minutes watching sesame street. He loves to find this basket and sit in it all the time . He's just too cute.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Joshua's 3rd Birthday at The Park!

We celebrated Joshua's birthday at the park with his friends and had so much fun playing!
We had Cup Cakes and Candy and lots of fun!
Joshua shares his birthday with a friend of his Kenedee Roberts! They were born at the same hospital and about an hour apart! I guess you can say they're friends for life!
Joshua and Kenedee!
Joshua playing on the bars!
Joshua eating his cup cake!

Kenedee and Joshua!!
Joshua opening his gift from Aunt Beverly!
Thanks Aunt Bev.
Happy Birthday to My Big Boy!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joshua's 3rd Birthday at Chuck E Cheese!

More fun for the birthday boy to celebrate his 3rd birthday. We didn't want to have a big birthday party for Joshua so we thought we would go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate with him and to have fun.
Joshua had fallen asleep on the way there, so when he woke up he wasn't too happy to be at Chuck E Cheese because he saw Chuck E himself and freaked out. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but after 20 mins he warmed up to Chuck E and the games. Joshua's favorite part of Chuck E cheese is the tokens because they fit in his pocket like money.
Birthday Boy blowing out his candles!
Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Joshua!
Birthday Crown!
Fun Ride!
More Fun!
Daddy and Joshua playing games!
More Games!
Where are my tokens dad!

Here is The Birthday Boy!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Fun!

Joshua's Birthday!

We started early celebrating Joshua's 3rd birthday. We had Grandma and Grandpa Zeman in town so we celebrated all of March birthdays. Grandma and Grandpa Zeman bought Joshua a new Radio Flyer bike and Aunt Angela got him a spider man umbrella that he love and goes every where with him.

We went out side to ride Joshua's new bike and he turned the handle bars to fast and fall off and wouldn't get back on so Luke gave it a try and loved it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joshua's Friends!!!

Joshua's Four Legged Friends!

Our neighbor Shelly has these two little dogs Molly and Gus! Joshua loves these dogs. One evening Jeff took the boys outside to get the mail and to run around so I could work on dinner. To my surprise when they came in Joshua was all excited he got to walk Molly on her leash.

Now Joshua thinks any dog on a leash is his to walk no matter the size of dog. We went outside and he ran right to this perfect stranger and tried to take the leash out of their hand so he could walk the dog. 

My Rock Star!

Joshua loves to sing and dance!

Mommy was catching up on her shows for the day. I happened to tape Oprah because Celine Dion was going to be on and I wanted to know if she was going to announce that she was pregnant.

Oprah had this Canadian Tenor Group on that always wanted to meet Celine Dion and Joshua heard them singing and came out of his room. Joshua is supposed to be in bed SLEEPING.