Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nicholas's new trick!

Nicholas started crawling last week!
my cute little frog

Thanksgiving picture 2012!

Here are  a few cute pictures of the boys on Thanksgiving!

Luke's 2nd Surgery...

The day before Thanksgiving Luke was scheduled for a revision of his circumcision. yay every boys dream to have it done twice. Since Luke had already had surgery this year back in July he was so good and did amazing. I did feeling a bit guilty when all the other moms were crying as there child went back to the OR and i didn't shed one tear this time. This time we had to drive to Children's Hospital in LA that was a bummer and they told us to check in by 7a.m... the best part about that is they made us wait till 9:40 when they took him back for surgery. At Children Hospital they have a play room for the kiddos to play in while they waited for surgery.

Luke hiding on the ride to the Hospital
Luke waiting and relaxing play a game before surgery!

Luke coloring in the play room!
They even have the wii to play while you wait
Luke getting on his surgery jammies!

Luke after the sleepy juice!
Luke real only wanted his daddy it was so cute so here in this picture Jeff is sing him some songs like at bed time. I could not have done this with out Jeff he is the best dad and husband ever.
Going in !
On the way home with his red Popsicle!
He was very happy on the way home this time
Luke did so good after his surgery only complained the first day and has been playing back to normal since.

Monday, November 5, 2012


It's that time of year again. 
 Luke the bad GI Joe and Hannah The One Eye Monster and Joshua GI Joe

 Nicholas the turtle!

 Timmy the Pirate
Spencer is Wall-E
 Luke at preschool

Phone Pictures

Halloween 2012
Joshua and Luke picking there pumpkins with daddy!
 Nicholas is 8 months old
 Luke's BIG cookie!
 Nicholas loves his new blanket from Grandma Zeman!
 Nicholas in his turtle costume!
 Luke crying for his batman shirt!

 Joshua wearing Jeff's baseball shirt.

 The boys at the dentist!
totally cool!
 Nicholas so happy!

More pictures to come!