Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29,2010!!!

A Day Of Celebrations!!
Today is Grandpa Zettel's 94th Birthday! He looks amazing for 94 and is in good health. We had a fun day hanging out with Great Grandpa . Joshua and Luke loved playing with the big trees on the curb that grandpa planted over 30 years ago.
Happy Birthday

Say Cheese!
Today Luke is 15 months old and he is so happy all the time. Luke started speech two weeks ago and so far Luke only says gogogogogo because I say that all the time because he's on the move all the time.
Luke has 5 teeth now. Luke follows and does everything Joshua does. Luke loves to play tag with Joshua. Luke also likes to play baseball and to be outside eating dirt. Wouldn't you just kill for those eye lashes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Luke's First Hair Cut :June 2010

Hair Cut!
All Luke's Hair!
Getting ready for the first cut!
Here she goes!

And the first curl!

Hair Cut!
Aunt Joyce showing off her great haircutting skills!
(Thanks Aunt Joyce) Jeff even let her cut his hair!
All the curls!
I didn't realize Luke had so much hair. After this hair cut Luke was not a little boy anymore it made him look like a toddler now. He also looks just like his Big Brother Joshua. Now I get asked all the time if they are twins.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sorry this is out of order so look at #1 first if you want to.
We were able to visit both sets of grandparents. Here are pictures of us at Grandma and Grandpa Zeman's house. The boys had lots of space to run outside, play in their rocks and to dig in the dirt.
Grandpa Zeman and Luke!
Here is the gang sitting on the Porch!
(Grandpa Zeman,J.J., Luke , Aunt Joyce!)
Playing outside! Septic tanks can be fun too!
Grandpa with his boys!
Grandma with the boys eating candy!

Playing in the Rocks!

Luke and Aunt Joyce doing dishes!

Luke loves cookies!
We love you Grandma and Grandpa Zeman!
Thanks for a fun time!

Aunt Joyce's House 2010!!

We're back from our fun vacation. I'm not sure where to start. My wonderful husband drove us to Rimrock, Arizona where my parents live. There my sister Joyce was waiting for us to drive back to her house for some summer fun in New Mexico. We had so much fun we went swimming, we played outside, we went to the Botanical Garden/ Aquarium. Joshua and Luke got to play with there big cousins and had so much fun playing hide and go seek and water guns with them. We also got to celebrate my sisters birthday which was fun. We went to Dion's with the whole family for dinner.  
Luke also got his first haircut from Aunt Joyce.  His curls are gone and his hair is blonde just like J.J.'s.  He looks so grown up with his short hair!
After we spent about 8 days in New Mexico we headed back to Arizona to meet up with Jeff after he had finished working at school. Now in Arizona we got to hang out with both sets of Grandparents for about a week. So all together the kids and I were gone for 3 weeks.
Luke riding the bike!

Luke before the haircut.
Cousin T.J & the boys next  to the new 1968 Super Bee! 
Outside Fun!

Rope Swing!

Swimming in an indoor pool!
(that was super nice!)

Aunt Joyce's birthday cake that I made for her!
(German chocolate)
Japanese Garden!
(at the Botanical gardens)
The Butterfly Cage!
Riding an ant with an aunt!
Sitting in a big pumpkin!
Standing in a Carrot!
Joshua and Luke Looking at fish!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


We ended our trip at Jeff's parent's house where Jeff and his brother Kenny worked on their parent's house for a few days and we had some fun too . While we were there, we went to the "World's Oldest Rodeo" in Prescott. Joshua got to go fishing for the first time with his own fishing pole. We went swimming and made grandma Nan's house a mess. We climbed on Grandma's rocks and had so much fun.
Family picture!
Luke loved climbing the rocks!

My cowboy Joshua with his say "cheese" face.
( thanks uncle Kenny for my cowboy hat. I Love it!)

The catfish the boys caught 2 pounds 20 inches long.
 ( a whole pound bigger then Joshua at birth)
Joshua 's 1st fishing pole!
Luke liked to play with this cart. 
(Joshua liked to play with it to when he was one also.)

Grandma Nan with her boys!
( Jeff, Kenny,Nan, Joshua,Luke)

Luke Just Loved this rock he climbed up and down many times.
My cowboy!
 ( we found this cute cowboy shirt at goodwill for $2.00)
Rodeo pictures!
"You're right Dad, that is definitely a BULL!"

Luke The Cowboy!
J.J The Cowboy!
Uncle Kenny with Luke! 
(Luke loved to be held by his uncle Kenny.)
 The boys looking at the cows. The backpack has his fishing pole, tackle box and binoculars in it.
(This is one of my favorite pictures)
Here is our family picture on a bull at the rodeo!
(Joshua loved this bull, we didn't take home the buckle though.)
More fishing!
The catfish is less scary in the water. It tasted good though.
We had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa McGrath. I hope someday you all will get to hear Joshua talk about this trip, it's pretty funny . Joshua's rodeo and fishing story are great for a good laugh.