Saturday, August 29, 2009

Luke is 4 months old today!

Luke is now vocalizing (not crying) more, rolling around, smiling, laughing and grabbing things. 
He is really growing up fast!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We invited cousin Hannah to come with us.
Hannah is a great buddy, she takes good care of Joshua.
We found another cousin at the zoo but we're not sure which side he's on!
Holding hands isn't so bad.
We're smaller than eagles & condors!
A beautiful Bald Eagle.
More primates!
The second biggest turtle we have ever seen!


We decided to take that last minute summer vacation to San Diego in two days. We had so much going on at home that we squeezed the zoo and wild animal park into two days . Yes it was crazy, but lots of fun. Joshua enjoyed it a lot. Luke did so good he hardly cried if you can believe that.
Family picture!
Joshua and Jeff riding the Hippo!

Joshua watching the turtles!
Joshua and Jeff riding the tram!
Joshua napping!
Luke and Jeff with the Giraffe!
My boys !
(J.J & Luke wearing there wolf shirts from Grandma Nan)
Thanks Grandma Nan.
Mommy with the boys sitting on the saber toothed tiger!
Joshua trying to climbing in to be with the animals!
We had so much fun at the zoo it was pretty hot. If you want a good workout go to the S.D. Zoo I got the best workout walking all the hills . The zoo had so many animals to look at it was pretty amazing.


Here we are on day 2 of are wild two day vacation at the wild animal park. This park was way hotter then the zoo and it was like being in the wild of africa (except with expensive snacks).
Family picture!
Joshua and Jeff (on the right, not center) on the merry go round!
Luke on his wild ride!
Joshua driving with his friends in the jeep!
Joshua and Daddy driving!
Joshua cooling off with the lion in the water playground!
The lion relaxing on the jeep! It's good to be the King!
Joshua had fun pointing out the different animals on the safari ride.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Luke was so happy after his baby blessing I got some great pictures of him smiling.
Luke must of felt the spirit strongly this day. He enjoyed everyone.

Could he get any cuter!!
I Love you Luke!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Luke's Baby Blessing!!

Luke's Blessing Day!!

August 9, 2009 we blessed Luke Ronald Brand! It was such a beautiful blessing and we were able to have a lot of our family there. Three sets of grandparents, Aunts & Uncles,  siblings, cousins and friends.

What a handsome boy!

The Priesthood holders that stood in the blessing circle.
Left to right back row we have Chris Zeman, Mike Zeman, Gregg Elder,  Grandpa Ron Brand, Parrish Higa.  Front row left to right David Zeman, Jeff Brand (holding Luke), Bob Elder.
During the blessing Luke was totally happy and was even laughing with a huge smile on his face while he had everyone holding him up.  I think he knew it was his special day!

Proud Daddy with Luke!


August 6th was Jeff's birthday and to celebrate we went to Mormon night at Dodger stadium and had so much fun. Jeff's sister Jenny called and invited us to go with her family and we added Jeff's daughter Taryn and boyfriend Evan and Aunt Vicki. All together we had 11 people and to top it off Grandpa Brand got us awesome seats. Thanks Grandpa Brand.
Joshua's favorite part was the cotton candy and the cheering!
Luke loved his Dodger hat (the one that the french fries came in) and HATED the cheering!
More cotton candy... Joshua couldn't get enough he kept stealing bites from everyone!
It looks like Taryn had some cotton candy too with her "Dodger Blue" tongue. 
Joshua actually watched the game while sitting with daddy he did so good!

Family picture!

Only the faithful fans who stayed to the bottom of the ninth inning got to see the game winning home run.  Notice we are still there!
We love you Jeff/Daddy very much . Hope you had a great Birthday. 

Joshua's BIG BOY Bed!

Joshua is so cute in his BIG BOY BED! Joshua now loves to take everything to bed with him. Lately it's been his rolling backpack and his little stroller. I can't forget his 3 binky's and his books and his water sippy cup and any thing else he can sneak in. 
I love you! My BIG Boy!

Luke's 3 Month Old!

Luke is 9 pounds and still eating all the time so he will be our biggest child I'm sure of it. Luke is still fussy at night time and is definitely a mama's boy. Luke is smiling so much and talking a lot he is just growing up to fast . I wish pregnancy went by this fast. I don't know if you tell ,but Luke has the longest eyelashes to die for!!