Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Bear 2010!!

Every time I've been in Big Bear it has had snow, so to see it all green and sunny was so wonderful. We went hiking, fishing, bike riding, and more.. I have lots of pictures to look at so enjoy our fun trip to Big Bear!
Family Picture!

Digging in the dirt!
One day we went to the discovery center and 
Joshua got to pan for gold with Jeff it was really cool.
Luke got to try also!

Here we are in front of the discovery center with the big bear!

Inside the discovery Center with a real stuffed bear! 
No one seemed scared of the bear!
Joshua is using a rock to crush an acorn like the Indians use to do!
 He really like to do this we must of done it 3 or 4 time.

Here is one load of rocks collected by the boys! 

Jeff took the boys to this big pine tree. It was the same tree that Uncle Kenny used to tie Jeff to when they would go to Big Bear as children.

Jeff roasting mini marsh mellows on the BBQ.
 Joshua loved this.
Joshua and Luke's own little table.!
Here is our one time fishing trip for about 20 mins.
 We couldn't keep the boys out of the water!

Luke was done fishing so he went to hide under Jeff's truck!
Hiking picture!

Aunt Vicki had toys for the boys to play with in her extra room. 
Joshua loved playing with her G.I Joe stuff.

More toys to play with!

A little yard work!
Luke love to sit in the wagon and eat rocks!
Some silly pictures!

We can wait for next year!
 I have so many more picture, but I only picked a few to share!