Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkin's 2013!

Time to start carving!

 Best mom every letting her 6 & 4 year old cutting there 
pumpkins with knifes!

 Nic really like to just sit and play with every one's pumpkin!
 Everyone had a turn to sit on a pumpkin!
 All finished!
  Luke's pumpkin had bats,Nic's pumpkin had the face,Mom's pumpkin had a cat with a broken tail and Joshua really, really wanted to carve Frankenstein 

Halloween 2013!

My three super hero's!

We are getting ready to go to our wars Halloween Party!
 Nic is hulk!
 Joshua (aka spider-man) and Luke (aka wolverine).

 Nic with his candy bag!
 Nic with his girl friend Abby!

Halloween Night 2013!

Trick-r-Treat give me something good to eat!

First Day Of School!!

Joshua's first day of 1st grades.
His teacher is Mrs. Riddick and she is the best teacher for Joshua.
 Happy face!
 Grumpy Face!
 Joshua's seat!
 Joshua's Teacher Mrs. Riddick!
 Joshua with his BFF Jackson Riddick!

Luke's 1st day of preschool!
 Luke really wanted to wear his 
new Avenger shirt for his first day!

 Luke's New Avenger back pack!

 Luke's seat!

 Luke with Mrs. Megan!