Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lost Pictures!

Jeff finally down loaded my cell phone pictures and I have a lot of cute ones of course there mostly of Joshua and some are really old and side ways too.
Joshua and Mr. M&M!
This is what happens when we go to the Dr.s for a check up.
Calling Dr. Brand!

My cute model!
Joshua & Luke & Hannah with Teddy!

Joshua my pirate!
After and Before Joshua's surgery!
Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Preschool Easter Egg Hunt 2011!!

Last Wednesday Jeff picked Joshua up early from school and headed over to Lemon Park for their Easter egg hunt.. Jeff forgot the camera so he used his  cell phone. Sorry the pictures are blurry, but he got some cute pictures and video.. Joshua dyed his egg green and it had his name on it so he was supposed to find his egg with his name on it.

I found it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Joshua got to bring teddy home for the weekend from preschool. Teddy and Joshua had lots of fun. Teddy got to ride on a 4 wheeler with cousin Hannah.
Teddy got to swing with Joshua!
Luke also got to swing with Teddy. 
Luke loved having teddy with us for the weekend.
Teddy had snack time with Joshua and Luke. 
Teddy loves chips .
Teddy got to be spiderman and batman!
Teddy got to play hide n seek!
Teddy got to have dessert too!
We Loved having Teddy with us this weekend. It was good practice for a third child I had to keep my eye on where Joshua kept putting teddy down it was stressful. Teddy also went to a birthday party and daddy's softball game.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


This past week here has been Hot in the high 80's. Just too HOT for this time of year. Especially since a week ago it was snowing and freezing.  If you don't know, we live up stairs and our house was smoking HOT and our A/C was acting funny so we were melting. On Friday cousin Hannah came over to play and it was just too HOT to handle anymore so we set up our kid pool and had lots of fun. I think everyone had fun even though the water was a little cold. You know me I took a lot, a lot of pictures so here they are. I got some good action shots too. Jeff also joined in the fun with his idea of swimming, I think he thought the water was deeper!


Water bugs!

Check out the hang time!
Smiling and saying CHEESE!
The love of my LIFE!

I have know idea how the pool made it through all the jumping, but it did. Aunt Donna's house is still the funnest place to play at..