Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We had Aunt Jenny with her two girls Megan and Lindsey and Jenny's two "new" children Thomas and Mary. We also had cousin Alana (Army & Kay's daughter). Then there was Jeff, Me, Joshua and Luke.  Everyone showed quite amazing talent for architecture and design.
The pictures are way out of order, but it does show how much fun we had and all the cousins that were together.
TOP ROW: Jeff,Jenny,Aunt Vicki.
BOTTOM ROW:Mary, Alana, Thomas, Lindsey, Joshua, Megan, Luke
Joshua's Gingerbread House side view.
Joshua's Front View of his Gingerbread House.
Megan hard at work!
Mary, Alana, Lindsey!
Alana's Gingerbread House!

Cousin Mary 
Aunt Jenny and Luke!
Joshua's Gingerbreads House!
Mommy and Joshua decorating his Gingerbread House!
Family Picture!
Daddy and Joshua looking over the Gingerbread House!
Daddy and Joshua with Thomas by the Wish Christmas Tree. Aunt Vicki has the children cut paper into different shapes and then they write their wish down and hang it on the tree.

Saturday, December 5, 2009