Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Joshua taking a picture of mommy!

I can't believe how fast they grow!

Luke Reading!

Aunt Angela was giving away some books so Jeff picked out a few for the boys. Luke fell in love with this book. He makes the cutest noises when he looks at it.
I'm so excited Luke likes to read!

Luke's New Trick!

Rolling is Fun !   
Luke is getting bigger every day and doing new ticks all the time.

The day we taped Luke rolling we were having a play date with Hannah Zeman , Timmy Zeman, Aunt Angela Zeman. There is a lot of noise going on in the back ground. This video should pretty funny.

Luke is 5 months old !!

Luke is sitting up with help these days. He's rolling like crazy!
Luke loves playing on the floor!
Luke also loves to eat everything too! Just like his big brother!

Luke had his 4 month check up on september 24th. Luke weighed in at 12 lbs 7oz and 24 inches long. He's in the 3 percentile. Yahooo were still on the growth chart. Luke is just getting cuter every day. Luke is still very much a mommy's boy!

Baby Zeman Up Date!

Angela is amazing. She looks so good after just having a baby!
(David, Spencer (in blue), Timmy, Emma, baby zeman, Angela)
(jack is missing. we miss jack)
Baby Zeman has big blue eyes!
Emma loves her new brother and is a big helper!
Spencer loves snuggling his new brother!
Timmy likes his new brother ,but still not totally sure of him!

Everyone is doing great, everyone is happy to be home in there own beds and very ready for a good night sleep!



Early this morning my Baby brother David and his wife Angela had there 5th baby.
Welcome baby zeman. We are waiting for his name which usually takes about a week or so. I will have to up date you later with his name. My vote is for Benjamin, but we will see what they like for his name. Mom and baby zeman are doing great. Dad and mom are very tired. Angela is a true pioneer woman with her 3rd home birth.

Baby Zeman
Born at 3:35 am
weight: 8lbs 7oz
length: 20 inches long
Baby Zeman has a little bit dark hair!

Congratulations Zemans!
We love you!