Friday, May 21, 2010



Here is Joshua, Luke and Daddy going for a bike ride .
 This has been our new adventure lately.
 The boys like there ride! 

Can't go for a bike ride without a binky!

Go Daddy Go!
Mom had to clean up a spill, but before I put the car seat back Joshua and Luke had fun trying to share it .
Joshua would not let Luke sit in the seat. He had to sit in there too.

I finally talked Joshua into letting Luke seat in the seat!
Train Time!
Joshua and I worked on the train track !
Joshua had fun playing with the train and I had fun trying to keep Luke off the track.

Choo Choo!!

Luke's Newest Trick!!!

Luke thought he was so clever and kept smiling as I took him down and he kept climbing up so I took the toy apart. Joshua put it back together and then Luke was up to his trick again after he did this new trick again the next day . Daddy put the toy down in the garage. I can't wait to see what he  will climb next.

So proud!


Luke's first bubble bath. Luke and Joshua enjoyed the bubble a lot. 
They made bubble faces.

Jeff  Jr.

Sorry about the picture I forgot to fix it. Luke likes to do everything Joshua does even swimming in the bath tub. 
I sure have some happy clean boys.

Grandpa's in Town!

Grandpa and Grandma Brand our in town visiting from Texas. Joshua got to wrestle with grandpa. from the looks of it Joshua had no fun..

Once Luke saw what was going on he joined right in and had fun too.

Thanks for a fun visit can't wait for tomorrow.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday about 4 p.m.  Jeff and Joshua were off for a great adventure for Fathers and Sons at Steckel Park in Santa Paula. Mommy and Luke were happy for some quiet time together.

As you can tell from all the pictures Joshua and Jeff had a great time. Joshua loved the dirt, throwing rocks in the stream, eating s'mores, cooking his hot dog, the frogs , sleeping in the tent, climbing all over the rocks and playing with all the other boys.

Joshua was one big dirt ball when he got home. Daddy and son were very tired from all the fun. I can't wait till next year when both boys can go and mommy gets alone time.
Joshua in the water!

Joshua and Benson cleaning up camp!

Eating Breakfast on the rocks!
Joshua's sleeping bad backpack!
Tent and sleeping!

Joshua's s'more face!
Cooking dinner!
Jeff also took Bradley and Bro. Greenall with him to camp.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

At The Car Wash !!!!!

Jeff and Joshua washed daddy and mommy's car for mother's Day!
Joshua was a big help!

Joshua got very wet and enjoyed every minute of the water!
I also got breakfast in bed so yummy!
Thanks boys I Love You!

Hannah's 3rd Birthday!!!!!

Hannah celebrated her 3rd birthday at Lemon Park on Saturday. We had so much fun. Hannah sure knows how to throw a party! Hannah's mommy did lots of work she made all the decorations and the life size train for the kids to play in and color. Lisa also worked real hard on all the yummy food too.

Hannah blowing out her strawberry jello.

Let's LIMBO!

Present time!

Thanks for all the fun!! 
Can't wait till next years party!