Saturday, July 16, 2011

Santa Barbara Z00! 2011

On Thursday The boys, I and Grandma Nan went to the Santa Barbara Zoo and had so much fun. It was such a beautiful day. The boys were great and the animals were all out to see. Luke loved the Giraffes and Joshua loved the Gorillas.

Here are the boys and Grandma Nan looking at the ducks in the stream.

Joshua driving the jeep!
My Monkeys looking at the Monkeys!
The boys having fun at the play area!
Luke Sliding!

The boys hiding in some eggs!
Joshua Sliding!


Luke with the Condor!
Joshua looking at the Condors!
The Turtles were busy when we came by!

The boys looking at some hogs!
Bald Eagle!
Fun with the Giraffe's!
The cobra came to the window to say Hi!
The Alligator!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun Picture's!

Here are my Batman Boys!

My Muddy Boys!

Nothing but fun at our house!

Fun Crafts!

Things we have been doing!

I'm not crafty or come up with these idea's on my own I borrow them from other people's blogs so thanks to all those crafty people. The boys have been painting a lot this summer!

Joshua and Luke painting bird houses!

Hello Kitty and a Skull hair clippie!
Wedding gift made out of wood blocks!
Flag wood block!

Swim time!

We are loving the summer in the pool!

Beach Day 2011!

Ventura Beach!
(Harbor Cove)

Here are some pictures of our 1st beach trip of the summer! We had so much fun. We went with cousin Hannah and Aunt Lisa. Hannah had so much fun in the water she was a fish today her dream come true. I think Hannah brought a lot of the beach home with her today. Joshua and Luke were very brave today, they hit the waves with boogie boards and love it.