Monday, August 22, 2011

Camping 2011!!!

The Plasters,The Hanks, The Bystroms and The Brands camping trip at Steckel Park!
The smile says it all!
Playing tag with 12 kids 8 years old and younger is fun!

Great happy picture.
The Hanks picked a great campsite with a huge cool tree. JJ gave his approval.
Sam made a couple of swings that kept the kids busy.
A ladies man already!
Luke loves this kind of camping. He looks like a couch potato in training!
Yeah this is pretty cool.
More fun on the swing!
S'more time!
The fire is hot for short arms.
Kimball looks like couch potato number 2!

Great campfire! Can we do it again!
Bedtime for the 1st camping in family tent with both boys. Luke's first camp out!
We're not tired!
You have to smile on a swing!

Time for the BIG breakfast. Mindy is scrambling the eggs, all 36 of them!
Camron and Sam are cooking the eggs and bacon over the campfire.
Jeff is on the pancakes over the 2 stoves.
Thats a dozen happy faces and full tummies!
The Brand Family in front of the tent for its first camp out! JJ loves helping set up the tent.
With all the room inside the boys still had to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's sleeping bags!
The gang down at the creek.
Hey lets catch some tadpoles, frogs and minnows!
Is that a frog?
"So Kimball, what you think about them tadpoles?"
"Well Luke, I kind of like 'em."
"Me too, we should do this again sometime!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mormon Night At Dodger Stadium! 2011


Go Dodgers!!

While Auntie Joycie was here we took her to Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium and had so much fun. We ate Lots of junk food, all the good baseball "must haves" like Dodger Dogs, Nachos, Cotton Candy and lots and lots of Peanuts. I would say she had the BEST time ever......
Mormons are welcomed! Beer sales go down!
Another beautiful day in L.A.
Charlie's Angles Casting Call!
No more cotton candy and the Dodger lost. So sad!

After the game we got to go down on the field to watch the fireworks show. JJ and Luke were having a blast running and doing summersaults on the outfield grass. It reminded Jeff of when he was that age running around the Astrodome in the Fathers and Sons games.
The Brand boys love the feel of a baseball field under their feet!
Grass stained knees are the best!!
Its all in the genes and on the jeans!

Great family photo!
Do I really look like Matt Kemp?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Trip With Auntie Joyce! 2011

We went to the Ventura Habor also while Auntie Joyce was visiting us.
Not much sun though.
The day was overcast and cold but we were still able to take the kids out on the kayak.
JJ, Hannah and Luke had plenty of fun playing in the sand too.

Did I mention it was cold?
Look at those shoveling skills!
Luke and Hannah went for a kayak ride with Daddy and Auntie Joyce. Luke was chilin the whole time.

JJ and Hannah went out with Daddy and Uncle Chris. JJ kept saying "This is so much fun!" while we were out paddling.

Hannah and Lisa looking like 2 peas in a pod.
Joyce bundled up too.
Let's boogie!
Come on dad!
Surf's up!
JJ pulling Hannah through the water on the boogie board.
California Dreamin'