Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Day for Mommy!!

First Day of Preschool again!!

Today was my happy day the first day of school. I've been waiting all summer for this day to come. I learned my lesson this summer by not planning ahead for the summer. Next summer Joshua will be in some kind of school or camp he needed to be busy and Luke would like to be left alone without Joshy picking on him.

Joshua was so ready to go back to school he got up early and was happy! We got dressed and ready with no crying :). He was excited to wear his new back pack that he picked out. You can't tell in this first picture, but he's very happy

The back pack is as big as he is...
Joshua being silly, I said smile and he turned around and hugged the wall!
This is what crazy moms do, take pictures of there son getting out of the car, putting the backpack on, walking to the front door and then take his picture with his teacher!

Joshua and Mrs. Andrea
Some of Joshua's school friends!
Joshua waiting for pick up under the tree.

It was a great first day everybody was happy. We were a little sad because Joshua's best friend Jake is going to Jr.Kindergarten at the big school this year.
We miss Jake and Kenna at pick up time.
Also today is My Mom and Dad's and my Sister and Husband's Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary to all we love and miss you.