Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i phone picture!!!

Some cute pictures!
 Nic getting ready for work!
 Big boy Nic in his big boy sit!
 Jeff's birthday lunch cupids
 Joshua's cool shades!
 Nic ready for school!
 Nic ready for the beach!
 Joshua's first day of school!
 Joshua with his teacher Mrs.Riddick and his bff Jackson!
 Nic needing a jolt for the day!
 Where's Nic!
 The boys painting there bunk bed!
 Luke's first day of preschool with Mrs.Megan
 Just hanging out Mom!
 My soccer boys!
 My cowboys!
 Nic sleeping on Jeff's face this happens like every night!
 Nic just looked so big this day!

 My three Buck Hunter!

 The boys bunk bed all finished!
 Boys first fort!
 Luke has the Avenger bed and very happy with it!
 Joshua is spider-man!
 Took the boys to one of Jeff's football games. Nic enjoyed his hot dog and corn on the cob.

 Luke still pouting even asleep!
 Mike and Julia at her pageant!
Nic trying on the witch hat!

Happy looking!!