Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Phone Pictures!!

I have so many pictures on my phone I thought I would Share a ton of them with you I started with current pictures and went back wards, because that's how I roll theses days so when you get towards the end you will see hospital pictures of Nicholas back in April of this year.
 Nicholas is grabbing for everything so here he is with my straw!
 Grandma Zeman was just Here!
 Cool boys of the 70s

 Nicholas makes some funny faces theses days!
 Joshua First day of soccer!

 Costco pizza and drink for Luke!
 Big Bear!

 Nicholas is such a combo of both J.J. &Luke!
 trying the sitting thing!

Luke loves trees!
 The Big boys love holding little brother!

 My Batman Boys!
J.J & Luke Handcuffed Nicholas ankles!

 Pirate Day!

 So tired!

 Fourth of July! 
 Saying Bye to Aunt Joyce!

 Blessing Day!

 Joshua all decked out with what ever he could find to wear!
 Sissy bought this out fit for Nic!

 Watch out Tiger Woods Luke is on his way to bet you!
 Luke potty training and reading while doing it!

 Joshua's graduation from preschool!
 Grandma Nan with Nicholas!


 Luke's hair cut!

 Nicholas's coming home out fit!

Nicholas in the Hospital.!