Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010!!

We celebrate Thanksgiving with my family at my sister Karen's house every year. She always works really hard to make our meal the best . Here is her beautiful turkey that we all enjoyed.

I don't think you can get a better looking turkey then this one!

Here are Karen and Katrina admiring the beauty of the turkey!
Me too!
Rich is so happy that he can barely stand the excitement of thanksgiving and cutting the turkey!

There's nothing like the first bite of turkey before everyone else!
Luke is so ready for dinner!
Everyone enjoying the food!
Here are pictures of the family!
Hannah giving me her famous smile!
Lowell! little mike Jr.
Allyson and Isabelle!
Jordyn and  Dylan!
 These are the big cousins!
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chris!
How cute!

Little Sam! 
Sam is younger then My Luke, but bigger than Luke !

Group shot!
Emma, Spencer,Lowell
Sisters in-laws!
Katrina & Angela
Luke ,Uncle David & aunt Angela!
Were playing a card game spoons!
Luke, Logan, Sam!
Our Thanksgiving Family Picture!

Over all we had the best Thanksgiving. 
We had our family, food and lots of fun.  We also have been Blessed  in so many ways thanks to our Heavenly Father in our lives. What more can you ask for. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Luke is getting Uncle Kevin here. 
I think Luke won!
Grandma Brand with her two boys!
and swords.
Grandpa and his fun tricks with the boys!
We Love when our Grandparents come and play !
 Thanks for a fun time!

Luke's New Bed!

Luke is graduated from crib to toddler bed. Not any toddler bed but a fire truck bed. We found it on Craig's List and Friday night we went to Moorpark  and picked up our new fire truck. Well new to us.

Here are Joshua and Luke cleaning the Fire truck it was pretty funny watching them clean. They would wash the bed then wash themselves then wash the bed then themselves and of course it was a cold day here for us and a little rain to add to there  already wet clothes.

Here we are assembling the fire truck bed.. Joshua and Luke were helping as much as possible. Joshua and Luke are really good at helping daddy with things especially when there's tools involved.

Luke checking out his new bed!
I'm out of order with the picture's but here is daddy putting the mattress on and then the jumping begins!
Cute fire men came with the truck!
Trying out the new bed!

Luke gave it a try last night he slept in it for about 4 hours before climbing into bed with his favorite Me...