Sunday, December 16, 2012

So Many Parties!!!

Last night was our ward  Christmas party and the primary did a little nativity theme and sang a few songs Joshua and Luke were a wise man and a shepperd.The costumes weren't to bad for last minute.  Joshua was excited to do it and Luke side no way. Luke's new word for any thing he doesn't want to do is never. You will have to look really carefully to see Joshua hes the small one in the back.

 Luke sat on Santa lap, but wasn't to sure about it!

 No fear Joshua!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


 Is Santa real Luke asked me today; of course he is 
I love this time of year...

 Joshua told Santa he want a Transform Bumble bee for Christmas?
 Nic just wanted Santa's beard.
Luke told Santa he wants a big gun for Christmas?
 I don't think he realizes he could shoot is eye out.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I Love Christmas Time !!

Last night Jeff, Nicholas and I got to be Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus at our stake 7th annual creche exhibit.We were the live Nativity scene for the night.It was so fun Baby Jesus (aka Nicholas) did a beautiful job he smiled for a while and then slept like a good baby Jesus in the manager

 Baby Jesus playing with his snacks. 
(just in case he started to cry)

 In the next couple of pictures I tried to get a picture of all the manager with our animals.

 Joseph and baby Jesus!
 Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus!
The people in charge of setting up the creche every year do an amazing job. They even provided the clothes for us and had bottle water too.. If you ever get a chance to be here in December it's definitely worth seeing.