Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Months Old!!

While Nicholas was in the hospital he turned three months old !

Nicholas is really only 1 month old from his due date. I need to stop having babies with so many birth dates to remember......

I think Nicholas is a mix between Joshua and Luke!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Were home!

Nicholas Is Home Again!

Nicholas came home on Sunday May 27 after his 17 day stay at two different Hospitals. Nicholas got the RSV(respiratory syncytial virus) after being home for only about two weeks. Nicholas first hospital stay was at Northridge Hospital in the PICU. That was a hard time. Nicholas had to be intubated and he had ups and downs for the first 3 or 4 days. Which was very hard for mommy after that Nicholas started to have better days and on Monday May 21st he was stable enough to be ex abated then on Tuesday May 22 he was transported to Tarzana Hospital where he finished all his antibiotics and was able to come home.

Theses pictures are of Nicholas the day before coming home. 

So far Nicholas has had 2 ambulance rides and one helicopter ride. I think he is trying to keep up with Joshua who only had a helicopter ride to and from Children's Hospital. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nicholas as of today!

Nicholas is Two Months Old!
Nicholas is enjoying being home with his family!

Luke's Last Day of Therapy!

Luke had free play at therapy on his last day he chose to play in the ball pit. 
Luke also got his favorite treat.
He was one happy boy.

Thanks Katrina and Kim we will miss you!

Nicholas's 1st Doctor's Appointment!.

Nicholas had to have a check up with our pediatrician so on Wednesday went to see him and everything looked good. He gained 4 oz in two days so Nicholas weighed 4 pounds 11 oz we were pretty shocked. Nicholas did have to get a shot and he did great.
Nicholas's head made it on the chart in the 5th percentile nothing else made it.

Nicholas's 1st Day home!

Nicholas home coming!

Nicholas Benjamin Brand
came home after 56 days in NICU on Monday April 23, 2012. We got home around 9 p.m.
Nicholas weighed 4 pounds 7 oz and is 17 inches long when he was discharged from the hospital.
I got to dress him in his new outfit and feed him before we were on are way home.

When we got home we had 2 very excited big brother who 
wanted to see there new little brother.

Two days before we left we had our picture taking with
 Dr. Emerson and Holly one of our nurses.
 Nicholas in his new outfit!
He's so happy to be coming home too.

 Nicholas with Trish and Paul.
 Our last picture as we were leaving!

 When we got home Joshua and Luke were very excited to see Nicholas 
even if there eyes are glued to the T.V.

We our one BIG happy family!