Monday, June 9, 2014

I Phone Pix!

Birthday party pirates
 Nic ready to play baseball

 Uncle Kenny's ranch house!

 Luke birthday money purchase!

 Binky smile!
 Joshua wrote me a nice mother's day note in chalk!
 Luke and His BFF Kimball at baseball!

 Luke sleeping off the couch!

 Mother's Day gift from Luke!
 Morman Prom 2013-2014. 
It was a 1940's theme at the camarillo airport.
 Super Fun.

 Mother's DAy Breakfast in bed!

 keeping busy during church!

 Dentist visit!

 Nic being silly!

 Luke cooking his own dinner!
 Luke racking up leaves before school!
 Luke doing his own 5 year old check up for kindergarten!
 J&K wedding!

N&L tested positive for step throat!
 MoMmy got to play made a gift for my friends birthday!
enjoy the pix!

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